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Post dating of patent application in india

Published: 10.05.2017
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Therefore, the deadline for filing the EP convention application will remain 12 months from the original filing and not from the new filing date that may be assigned to the post-dated patent application.

This amendment may not change the interpretation made by the Delhi High Court regarding the interplay of the two sections.

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As per Rule 26bis. Choose Practice Corporate IPR TAX.

However the applicant should ensure that the invention covered by the patent application has not been publically disclosed either by the applicant himself or by any third party before post-dating the application. Get more information about: This issue was considered in the case of Standipack Pvt. Does post-dating shift deadlines imposed by Section 9 1? Under these circumstances, the only mechanism by which the change of date will be allowed is under Section 9 4 and the mechanism is as follows:. Back to Top RSS feeds Contact Submissions About. Post-dating is a grey area in Indian patent law and it will be interesting to see how the Indian Courts and the IPAB would interpret the provisions.

Therefore, the deadline for filing the EP convention application will remain 12 months from the original filing and not from the new filing date that may be assigned to the post-dated patent application. In view of above, it is advisable to adhere to deadlines of filing a complete specification pursuant to a provisional application. Legislative intent In order to discover the legislative intent behind the introduction of the post-dating concept in the Patents Act, it is wise to examine the report submitted by the Rajgopala-Ayyangar Committee RAC to the government of India on its suggestions for the revision of the Indian patent law to suit industry needs. For the sake of brevity, the implication of post-dating convention filings is considered in the context of practice by the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO , the European Patent Office EPO and the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO. Under Section 17 1 , the applicant has the option of filing a request to the Controller to post-date any application by a maximum period of six months from the original filing date.

Patent procedure , time line and cost of patent filing in India short introduction

The board of appeal concluded that the original application should serve as the basis for claiming a priority right and that the priority date was the filing date of the original application. Section 17 1 states that a patent application may be post-dated up to six months from the date on which it is actually filed. Virtual dating games ariane walkthrough the case of Press Metal Corporation Ltd.

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General perception was that the provision of post dating is provided to extend the 12 months time to submit the complete specification after the provisional application. The question that arises then is whether the time limit of 12 months for filing the complete specification can be extended. This means that irrespective of post-dating, the complete specification must be filed within 12 months of filing the provisional specification. If the complete specification is filed well within the 12 months period, a request can be made to the Controller for cancelling the provisional specification and postdating this application to the date of filing of the complete specification. Such post-dating is subject to the provisions of Section 9. The preamble to Section 17 clearly states that the provisions of Section 17 are subject to the provisions of Section 9, which means that all sub sections of Section 9 must be complied before implementing Section Of course, the other interpretation is that the post-dated application is the basic application, once post-dating is permitted. A strict interpretation of this section indicates that India may not recognize priority claim of a convention application taking priority from a post-dated foreign patent application whose original filing date is more than twelve months prior than the Indian application.


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