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Reading between the lines linguistic cues to deception in online dating profiles

Published: 20.04.2017
Author: Colin_Williams
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Reading between the Lines. These effects of context are consistent with trends in the literature. Hypothesis testing To focus the hypothesis testing on change in behaviour across genuine and fabricated statements, we computed difference scores.

Funding This work was part funded by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats ESRC award: Although we acknowledge that there will be ethnic variation across and, indeed, within country groups, we retain participants' self-identified groupings for two reasons. Those greater in collectivism tended to report aspects of the event in terms of relationships rather than sensory details, while it is sensory details that are prominent in the memories of the more individualistic participants. However, while the literature on linguistic indicators of deception is extensive, almost all of what we know comes from research on Western subject populations.

Toma C , Hancock J.

Giebels E , Taylor PJ.

Public Policy Law 11 , 3 — Instead, we drew on two measures that could be applied to the participants' responses directly. Material and methods 2. Men tend to misrepresent their height and social standing i. Tausczik YR , Pennebaker JW. Cognition , — Are you a researcher?

Kashima ES , Kashima Y. While this explanation is speculative—it is an interpretation of a null effect—it is interesting that this shift in affect has been found elsewhere in scenarios where liars have sufficient time to use emotion strategically [ 19 ]. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer.

This change in behaviour is argued to reflect liars' efforts to dissociate self from the lie and eschew personal responsibility for the event [ 2 ]. A great idea to do your part 4 Syrian Refugee Vrij AGranhag PAPorter S.

1. Introduction{/CAPCASE}

The accounts that participants were asked to provide differed according to their random assignment to one of two conditions. Home Content Latest issue All content Subject collections Special collections Videos Information for Authors Reviewers Readers Institutions About us About the journal Editorial board Benefits Policies Metrics Publication times Open access Sign up eTOC alerts Keyword alerts RSS feeds Newsletters OA membership Submit. Hey the article is really nice, thanks for po Ziegert JC , Hanges PJ.


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