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Smh in text talk

Published: 18.04.2017
Author: Mark_Pozdneev
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SMH [Internet]; December 23, [cited DEC 23]. August 4, at 1:

Internet slang , Internet , Chat. Meaning 3 Smash my head Rating. Technology , Telecom , Telecommunications.

SMH is a popular texting and chatting acronym that means shaking my head. Last edited on Jul 24 The SMH intialism indicates a strong level of disapproval or disappointment reminiscent of physically shaking your head.

Last edited on Sep 13

SMH [Internet]; Dec 23, [cited Dec 23]. ASAP is pronounced "Ey-Sap" as opposed to "ey-ess-ey-pee," although someone would know what you mean if you said it wrong. Internet slang , Telecom , Chat.

Internet slang , Forum , Chat. Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms list of. HOW WE SCORE ABOUT US CONTACT US TERMS PRIVACY POLICY COPYRIGHT POLICY Advertise. May 23, at 7:

What does SMH mean?

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Shake My Head{/CAPCASE}

Keep Learning What does "SMH" mean on Instagram? What does "SMH" mean on Facebook? Internet slang , Chat , Email. Typically, people use SMH as a way to get across a strong sense of disappointment or disapproval. The Disadvantages of Voice Recognition Software Around The Home. LHHATL Meaning SMH Meaning ISO Meaning Craigslist HMU Meaning FML Meaning CTFU Meaning WYD Meaning F4F Meaning MCM Meaning TY Meaning OOTD Meaning FBF Meaning TBT Meaning WCW Meaning SS Meaning Instagram THOT Meaning TBH Meaning IDFWU Meaning MCE Meaning OOTW Meaning FTW Meaning FOH Meaning L4L Meaning GTFO Meaning IIRC Meaning ICYMI Meaning TFTI Meaning ABDL Meaning. Full Answer SMH typically is utilized when a person wants to convey that something is particularly stupid or unintelligent.


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