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Vampire diaries elena and damon start dating

Published: 11.06.2017
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Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four Season Five. Later, Damon showed her that he'd snagged Stefan's daylight ring back from Silas the day before.

A FANDOM user The werewolf venom insides Elena makes her hallucinate stuff which leaves her disturbed, she calls Damon again and ask him to distract her. Angry over the recent events Damon snaps Alaric's neck and goes after Bill , leaving Elena with Alaric.

He challenges Damon to test Elena by giving her a blood bag again. McQueen , in tow.

She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that she met him first. When discovering that Bonnie is going to drop the veil, Stefan teams up with Caroline to search inside for Bonnie, while Damon and Elena look outside. After Damon escaped from the Salvatore Boarding House basement, he came to Elena's house, looking for Stefan, who had taken his ring which could protect him from the sun, which if he didn't have that ring back before sun rise he would burn and eventually die.

Back at Salvatore Mansion. This scene is similar to a moment they had in Smells Like Teen Spirit. Isobel Flemming returned to Mystic Falls to get a device for Katherine. Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS.

Damon and Elena finally together!! 4x23

Elena is Katherine's Doppleganger. In The RagerElena is in Damon's room "supposedly" looking 69 position variations bourbon but he knows that she is lying as she wants the white oak stake. Elena and Damon 's relationship begins to take off to a whole new level, where Elena starts to let Damon in.

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Stefan intervenes and the two have a violent fight, which ends in Damon stabbing his brother through the stomach with a large piece of wood. After he kills Rose, Elena confronts him. She tells him that the visions were indeed a fantasy but they weren't real and even though Damon and her are messy and complicated they are real. This is what will make me happy," he said. He told her that he can help her. He tells her to stop assuming he'll do things just because she asks. Open Menu HOC Congress.


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      13.06.2017 in 22:38 Stimorol_Ice:
      Gibbons was compelled to not never ever let Damon inside the house. Damon flipped his humanity switch so he would stop caring about Enzo, and left him to die in the ensuing fire.